The most important home renovation project is…

What was once a frustrating and expensive proposition is now one of the easiest and most cost-effective home renovations available to every home owner.
The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s certainly where the most action is. Over time styles change and kitchens need a facelift. In years past it would cost a small fortune to re-do a kitchen, but now kitchen renovations are extremely budget-friendly. They are great to give your home a fresh perspective whether you are staying there for many more years or looking to sell.
Here are some ideas on renovating your kitchen with the confines of a sensible budget:

*Lose the all-white look which after time is not only bland but impossible to hide imperfections. Put some color, even a hearty shade of brown, into the room with fresh cabinet doors and drawers (custom-built if possible). Try some recycled glass countertops, a new and energy efficient light fixture, and stainless steel appliances and backsplash. Hint: if you go with stainless steel, make sure you purchase the right cleaning supplies.

*If bold colors and stainless steel aren’t necessarily your style, then try a high-end look at reasonable prices with earthy stacked-stone panels and quartz countertops. Glass, mosaic tiles, and laminates are also good options at good prices. Hint: quart countertops not only look great, they are worth every penny, since they are long-lasting and never need to be re-sealed.

*Little touches can give a fresh look without a whole heap of rebuilds. This can be nearly anything that suits your own personality and that of your family. It’s personal preferences that will make the kitchen your own and not just a random room. Hint: take the largest wall in the kitchen and turn it into a mural that gives off a sense of your family history or what your family does for fun.

*If you have the open space available, add an island which is not just stylish but highly practical, too. Islands can be crafted to have a built-in dishwasher, house the main kitchen sink, and a useful countertop for dishes, knife blocks and more. They are also great to replace the old-fashioned kitchen table. Hint: if you’re going with an island as a spot to eat from, choose some hip bar stools which will add to your kitchen’s overall new look.

*Kitchen tables don’t have to be old-fashioned and if you want to go with a table over an island, you can do it with a fresh take that will liven up the entire room. A first step in the right direction is to install a unique lighting system above the table which will brighten things up. Then it comes down to the table itself. Many retailers offer new takes on the kitchen table that are far from the ones you found at grandma’s house. Hint: A farmhouse table with both bench and chair seating is a very reasonably priced way to bring a new take to kitchen dining.

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