Edmonton’s Most Charming Neighbourhoods

Three of Edmonton’s trendiest neighborhoods are located in what many would consider to be the City’s most charming area.
The trio all are situated within close proximity to the University of Alberta, the picturesque River Valley, and vibrant Old Strathcona. Each has their own distinctive qualities, to be sure, but most importantly they all make for fantastic neighborhoods to own a home. There are also several unique opportunities for infills where an older home can be replaced by a new dwelling yet maintaining all the esthetics of the historical neighbourhood.

Belgravia overlooks the North Saskatchewan River, primarily between 114th and 118th Streets. Saskatchewan Drive, Fox Drive, and University Avenue all lay within the zone. It is a neighborhood packed with cafes and boutiques, plus a botanical arts park that is maintained by residents through a Partners and Park agreement with the City of Edmonton.

McKernan is dominated by the luscious McKernan, Gowan, and Charles Simmonds Parks that are perfectly suited for families. When they’re not outside with their youngsters, parents can catch up with the sights and sounds of nearby Whyte Avenue and South Garneau.

Parkallen is neatly suited for those who want to live in an upward-trending community without the high costs of some of the neighboring regions. A wide range of housing prices means there’s something for everyone in a neighborhood that prides itself on being environmentally friendly. A car-less family can be part of Parkallen’s “eco-mobility” movement by taking advantage of the nearby South Campus LRT Station.
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